Rigging Rails for Raft Frames

We’ve been experimenting with putting “Rigging Rails” on our frames.  These rigging rails are a ½” solid round bar held off from one of the frame’s cross bars.  We’ve been using them for hanging spare oars, on cross bars where it’s hard to get a strap around, as well as where we want to keep a strap in one place on a cross bar, like behind a cooler. They can be put pretty much where ever you want and have been working great. So far, so good!

But how strong are they? Well, the other day we put one to the test.

We would have been satisfied if it held 1000 lbs.

At 1,000 lbs. it held. Around 2400 lbs., some of the weld started tearing out. We stopped at 2700 lbs., when the middle 2 welds failed completely.

Seems this whole rigging rail experiment is a success. Now that we have a little more confidence of what they can hold, we’ll be putting them in even more places on our frames.