22 QT Outfitter - $99

This small lightweight cooler is perfect as a day cooler &/or for day trips. Constructed of food-grade, UV resistant kayak plastic, it's tough and built to last. Comes with a shoulder strap. It’s designed to hold ice for 1-2 days.

55 QT Outfitter, used - $169.99

This cooler is big enough to hold lots of stuffs, but small enough to be moved by just one person. Great for smaller rafts &/or dory hatches. It has 2” tie down slots so you can access the contents while it’s tied down. Holds 2 baskets, sold separately. Designed to hold ice for 4-7 days.

75 QT Outfitter - $269.99

One-piece bombproof construction for a lifetime of use. This is a big cooler that’s great for long trips &/or large groups. It has tie down slots and room for 2 baskets (sold separately). Designed to hold ice for 5-8 days.

125 QT Outfitter - $369.99

Once this giant is set somewhere, you’ll want to leave it there. It’s suitable for 3-5 people for up to 5-7 days and has room for 3 baskets (sold separately). Designed to keep ice for up to 8 days.

150 QT Navigator - $549.99

Built for big adventures, and big groups of people. Accepts 4 organization trays, sold separately, on two levels in the cooler. Designed to keep ice 8-11 days.

Please contact us with question, for more information, &/or if you would like to buy a cooler or two .