To help out with your need for shade during sunny river trips, we make footed umbrella holders.  They are super simple to use and designed to go on rigid raft floors, in 5 gallon buckets, as well as in canoes.  For shade on canoes and rafts, set the umbrella holder on the floor, use a short cam strap to lash it to a thwart or cross bar, and then drop in your umbrella.  For use in a 5 gallon bucket, set the umbrella holder in the bottom of the bucket, add a few well-chosen rocks, and/or maybe pile in some sand, and then drop in your umbrella.  The bucket method is great for portable shade in camp, for a raft without a rigid floor, or maybe for the front of your raft, where there may not be a rigid bottom.

Footed Umbrella Holders - $35


If you would like to add an umbrella holder to your river quiver, please contact us.