13’9” Whitewater Dory; the Chub

We have a new dory design. It incorporates features we like from other boats & is a mix of many boating minds: Bego, Brad Dimock and his Fretwater crew, Peter Lefebvre, and many more. Our goal was to develop a smaller dory which stays true to the Briggs/ Rogue River dory designs. We wanted to make it tough and have it be able to handle a variety of water levels, like the San Juan at 800 or the Yampa at 15,000. We also wanted performance, comfort, and gear hauling capacity. Think of it like a “mini-me” style dory that can do multi day trips, sleeps two on the decks, and takes on big waves.

Here are some of the details:

  • It’s 13’9” in length.

  • The widest part of the bottom is 50.5”.

  • The sides are 28” tall at the oarlocks.

  • The bowpost is 38” in length and 44.5” in height, from the plane of the bottom of the boat.

  • On the decks it’s 80” between the oarlocks.

  • There are three different locations for the oarlock blocks.

  • She rows nicely with 10’ oars.

  • It weighs around 450 lbs.

Other design features include:

  • A removable tombstone transom cap and a transom rated for up to a 10 hp long shaft motor.

  • Radius corner edges on the gunwale blocking, to eliminate the sharper corners found on some aluminum boats.

  • A hatch and gutter system to keep the decks as flush as possible.

  • All hatches have Southco push button latches, are sealed with a top profile bulb gasket, and have openings that can accommodate the profile of a milk crate or larger.

  • Front and rear cross sized to accommodate coolers.

  • Default footwell layout with a full depth rower’s footwell and front footwell, plumbed into a central area with a bilge pump.

  • A partial depth rear passenger footwell, in order to be self-bailing as well as a spot for additional gear rigging.

  • The option to have decks, hatch lids, and benches covered with SeaDek, a 5 mil EVA foam that provides grip, noise and glare reduction, and temperature neutrality in both hot and cold extremes

We are offering two of these dories for preorder, which gives you the ability to have a say on the deck layout as well as other aspects of final outfitting.
Price: $20K +/- finishing details such as paint, SeaDek, trailer, oars, etc.
Please contact us for more information.

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