Unfinished Dory Hull

We have an unfinished dory hull for sale. If you're interested and buy it now, unfinished, you can have some say in the customization of the boat as it's finished out; e.g. deck layout, paint, some footwell layout and plumbing.  The hull is 17’10” overall, transom ended, 52” wide at the floor and 84” at the oarlocks.  Currently the boat is bulkheaded to have both front and rear passenger footwells. Contact us for pricing. We are planning on finishing the boat out as our schedule permits, and will offer it for sale as a finished boat in the next few months. Here are some pictures of what it looks like now.

16' NRS E-160 Raft - $6,125

NRS E-160 (2017) Rafts, Light Gray.  We have one of these rafts for sale.  If you would like us to make you a frame for the raft, or to make the raft into a complete demo raft package, just let us know.  For pictures check out the pictures of the demo raft below.  Please contact us with questions or for more information.

NRS Riken Seminole Inflatable Kayak - $1,600

NRS Riken Seminole Inflatable Kayak, Light Gray.  One of the better inflatable kayak designs made, but hard to find.  Beefier materials and bigger tubes for extra stability and hauling gear.  Great for multi-day trips.  If you need or would like one, we can make rowing frames for these boats.  Please contact us for more information.