Beaver Tail Floors

These are diamond plated rigid floors, bordered with an aluminum lip. 

Floors are a great way to protect your boat when you are hauling fire pans, rocket boxes, propane tanks, etc. 

These floors can have cutouts for valve access and D-rings to your riggers content.

They can be hung from D-rings, frame cross bars, and chicken lines. 

Prices start at $325.

Footwell Floors

Footwell floors can be a single bay that is only for the footwell or they can underlie multiple bays to provide extra cargo support.  The standard width between tie down bars is the width of a small ammo can, which is also great for a foot brace, and allows for easy access to all of your important stuff.  Additional tie downs, D-rings, and cutouts can be included wherever you may need.  For multiple bay floors, the width can be tapered and swept up to accommodate the rocker of your raft.  Standard footwell floor price starts at $300.

All raft floors are custom made to your specifications. 
Please contact us if you would like to talk about getting a new floor for your boat.
For more pictures of raft and cataraft floors, check out the gallery page.