Footwell Floors

Footwell floors can be a single bay that is only for the footwell or they can underlie multiple bays to provide extra cargo support. We make 2 main styles of floors.

Angle Framed Floors have a diamond plate floor with an aluminum angle lip around its perimeter. This lip has strap slots punched into it. These floors come with drainage holes punched in the plate & a wide variety of rigging options. They are made to have approximately ½-1” clearance from the tubes of the raft. Pricing is dependent on actual size of floor & starts at $375.

Pipe Framed Floors have the diamond plate sitting on top of pipe. This style of floor can be made with a wide variety of rigging options. Some people prefer pipe framed floors as it makes for less of an “edge” next to your raft tubes. Pipe framed floors can be made to be the full width of your footwell. Pricing is dependent on actual size of floor & starts at $375.

Both styles of floors come standard with cutouts for rigging items to & hanging the floor. Floors are reinforced as needed.

For an additional charge, $100+, floors can be fixed to a raft frame. Angle framed floors are easier than pipe framed floors to make fixed. Extra cutouts &/or rigging options are also available. Pricing will be based on design.

Beaver Tail Floors

These are angle framed with diamond plate set in the lip.

This style of floor is a great way to run rocket boxes, propane tanks, and other rigid items in the end of your raft.

These floors can have cutouts to access valves and can be hung from frame cross bars and D rings.

Prices start at $400.

All raft floors are custom made to your specifications. 
Please contact us if you would like to talk about getting a new floor for your boat.
For more pictures of raft and cataraft floors, check out the gallery page.