16’ Demo Raft Package

NRS E-160 (2018) Light Gray, comes with 10 year warranty

4 bay white powder coated frame with rigid footwell floor, storm gray SeaDek fish scale foam on the side rails, and rigging rails.
    1st bay - 2 split boxes, painted white (each box roughly 22”W x 23”L x 25”H) with push button style latches
    2nd bay - Footwell, rigid floor, comes with 22qt Canyon Cooler and tumblehome captain dry box
    3rd bay - Cooler bay, currently has 103qt Canyon Cooler (to be replaced by the 150qt canyon cooler when available)
    4th bay - Drop bay with Solgear drop bag and 18” x 70” aluminum table

Other outfitting includes:
    1 pair white Sawyer MXS 10.5’ oars with Duramax Blades
    1 pair blue Sawyer MXS 10.5’ oars with Dynalite Blades
    8’ Expedition (Stainless Steel) River Sombrero, Bimini Blue Tweed, with bimini mounts and riser blocks
    Rear beavertail floor with valve access holes
    Bowline, perimeter line, and rigging straps

Package Price $12,500
    Some items in the pictures are not included in the package.
    We may be willing to drop some items off the package to reduce the price, i.e. a pair of oars, side box, etc.