Eddyline Welding designs and builds quality aluminum dories.  Our focus is on delivering a boat made specifically for multi-day whitewater river trips.  Aluminum dories are tough and low maintenance, and a great way to experience the rivers of the southwest. 

We currently offer these designs:
16’ 11” Double Ender (49" chine to chine)
16' 9" Transom Ended (49" chine to chine)
17’ 6” Classic Transom Ended (49" chine to chine)
17’ 9" Double Ender or Transom Ended (54" chine to chine)

Cost, Production Time & Schedule

Base cost for a boat, without a trailer, is $18,000 - $20,000.

Factors that affect cost are:

  • Customization of design, hatches, footwells, and other available features.
  • Paint, color, and art scheme.
  • Additions to basic boat such as oars, cushions, etc.

A basic boat build takes 10-12 weeks.

We build boats in pairs, from July to January, leaving February to June to help out our rafting customers.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about having an aluminum whitewater dory built.  For more pictures of our dories, check out the gallery page. For more info about our dories, check out the dory features and options page.