We build custom sized aluminum tables. Aluminum table tops make great work areas in the kitchen. They’re also durable enough that you can use your stove and set hot items on them, like dutch ovens & dish line tubs, without worrying about causing damage.

The tops of our tables are welded on, instead of using rivets, which creates a smooth surface that’s easy to clean. There’s a holding strap that you can use to adjust the legs and a strap you can use to tie something heavy to, like a water jug, to help prevent the table from blowing away in the wind. When your table is rigged on your boat, it becomes a nice deck area, as the cover for a drop bag or an extension of the flat part of your frame. A table’s height is based on the size of the table top. The standard height is 38”.

Table pricing is based on size & starts at $450.

Table/Trailer Frame Combos

Another great way to extend the flat area of your frame is with a trailer frame with a nesting table. Trailer frames can be built to taper to cover the rear area of your raft, or to just be a size similar to your raft frame.

Trailer Frame/Table Combination pricing is based on size and starts at $650. Drop bag not included.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about adding an aluminum river table to your stash of river trip gear.