Our custom raft frames are made with consideration to the details that matter.  This is what we do best: we make livable, durable, low profile, diamond decked raft frames for long multi-day trips.  Eddyline frames are made for when you are living on and off the boat, loading and unloading, and logging lots of river miles.

Livable & Functional Decks

Comfort is a good thing, and we design our raft frames with this in mind. We work to strike a good balance between maximizing enjoyable deck space for lounging, and having lots of cutouts for rigging options. All frames have wide decks that are barefoot friendly & safe to walk on. The decks also have lots of cutouts so you can rig in a wide variety of gear. You can get either an 1/8” diamond plate deck or a deck made with 1/8” smooth and a 5 mm SeaDek foam top. Both of these options are durable and grippy. Either way you’ll get enough cutouts for all kinds of rigging: half round side scallops that can accommodate a cam buckle, large and small strap slots, choices between the corners/ends of the decks, angled or round, bimini adjustment slots on the outer rail, strap slots, etc. All frames are custom made, with consideration for your needs.


We design and build our raft frames for maximum durability.  All decks are reinforced with bars underneath, to distribute the weight & keep the decks from sagging.  Optional hatches are framed to keep weight off of the hinges, just in case there is an impromptu dance party on your boat.  Floors can be hanging or fixed, so they are a sturdy platform in your footwell.  

Low Profile

Since we custom make your raft frame, we can design it in such a way that helps you to keep the weight in your boat low.  The way you outfit your boat, with coolers and boxes and such, is the foundation of your rig.  Trying to use as much space down low, in between the tubes of your boat, is key to keeping your weight low.  You should try to have every box type item that is above the frame be a consistent height, no more than 4-5" above the deck plane.  This attention to the profile of your bigger "outfitting" pieces will greatly help you rig your gear, as well as make your boat more comfortable to be on.

The Standard Eddyline Build

Every raft frame we make has:

  • 1 1/4 Sch 40 aluminum pipe. This kind of pipe is lower profile, strong enough, & allows you to make use of NRS style LoPro fittings. It is not anodized which allows to weld wherever the build calls for. Untreated this pipe will oxidize and leave a grayish stain on your raft.

  • Decks - Diamond plated or SeaDek foam. Decks are roughly 1/2 the diameter of your tube size and reinforced with metal framework between the two pipe rails.

  • 1 Adjustable bay crossbar (Cooler Bay), with an NRS Lo Pro fitting.

  • 4 Deck cutouts per bay. For an additional cost, more cutouts can be added.

  • NRS oar towers.

Every raft frame we make will be uniquely designed, with consideration to your specific needs and desires.  Every raft frame we make is custom made just for you.


Please contact us if you would like to talk about getting a new frame for your boat. For more pictures of custom raft frames, check out the gallery page.