Hatches & Decks can make your boat more livable and easier to rig. They add safe places for people & dogs to sit & walk, as well as a nice place to sleep.

A hatch set up over a drop bag creates a place where it’s easy to store gear, as well as a rigid surface to rig in pads.

Fixed hatches are attached to your frame with hinges. We “frame” the hatch bay so, when the hatch is down, the weight is on the framing, not the hinge. This framing is made allowing for drop bag straps to be around the frame crossbars, as well as straps for rigging. Removable hatches are made of slightly thicker aluminum, based on boat size, and have some amount of framing to help with rigidity & rigging. These hatches can be rigged in with straps to make a hinge point, so it works like a fixed lid. Pricing is dependent on final design & starts at $350.

We also make cross tube decks & deck boards, mostly for sport boats, to go over fuel cells & for rigging in spare motors. Pricing is dependent on final design & starts at $400.

Trailer Frames are a great way to extend a raft frame in both side deck & bay storage area. They can also give you the option of a small frame for day runs and when you’re running a paddle raft. These frames can be made with or without a hatch, diamond plate side decks, &/or drop-down framing. Pricing is dependent on final design & starts at $250.

Removable hatches & trailer frames can also be made to double as tables. For more info check out the tables page.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about getting decks, hatches, or trailer frames for your boat.