Dry Box Features

All our large dry boxes have double welded seams, adjustable height elongated handles and lid stiffeners.  We also offer the option of adding 5/8" thick charcoal gray foam glued to the top.
The inner and outer seams are double welded to ensure extra durability, so your dry box doesn't blow out.
The handles are designed in such a way as to help make the box easy to carry when it is empty, easy to load and unload and, the part made of 5 mil cordage, easy to repair in the field.  This style handle doesn't put any holes in the box.
Lid Stiffeners help to keep the lid from "oil-canning" and gives you something to help organize the box.
The optional 5/8" thick closed cell foam on the top of the box adds comfort, looks good, and is long lasting.  We also offer 1/2" foam that is a champagne color.

Large dry box baseline pricing, which includes handles, latches, tabs for resting on crossbars, stainless hinge, and gasket:

Boxes 36-40" wide start at $550.  Boxes 40-45" wide start at $575 .  Add $75 if you want the optional foam top.

Tumblehome Captain Dry Boxes

Boxes in your footwell are great for keeping things handy but, if you get bounced around during a tough run, the latches can be not so friendly.  We solve that problem by sloping the latches of the box back away from your legs - hence the "tumblehome".

Custom built tumblehome captain dry boxes start at $300 for the 20 mil rocket box style and $395 for the more traditional, larger, sized ones.  The top of your dry box can be either diamond plate with a handle or foam, which is an additional $50 per box.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about getting custom made dry boxes for your boat.