Large Dry Boxes

Eddyline dry boxes are built to last. To help with the abuse of loading and unloading, the seams are double welded.

To keep them from oil canning when they are walked on, the lids have a stiffener. This stiffener piece doubles as a place for hanging gear, with cordage running through holes that have been punched in it.

We use larger butterfly latches, which are easier to use when your hands are wet or cold. For an extra $45, we can put dory style push button latches on the lid of the box.

The handles are welded on and extended with cordage, making them easier to lift, carry and, if needed, repair in the field.

Large dry box baseline pricing, which includes handles, latches, tabs for resting on crossbars, stainless hinge, and gasket:

Boxes 36-40" wide start at $600.
Boxes 40-45" wide start at $625.
Add $75 if you want a foam top, either 5/8” thick closed cell foam, nice to sit on, or 5 mm SeaDek foam, more durable but a little less comfy for sitting.

Split Boxes

With split boxes you get a full bays worth of storage and deck space, but with options for splitting up the weight of & organizing your supplies. They are made to be low profile and have dory style push button latches. The hinges are placed so you can have both boxes open at the same time. A slight reinforcement of your frame might be required if you’re using split boxes since, depending on the size of the boxes, they can shift how the weight is distributed on your cross bars.

Pricing for a pair of split boxes with tabs, latches, and handles starts at $1100. Foam or painted/surface treatments are an additional charge.

Side Boxes

Side boxes, sometimes called captain’s boxes, are designed to go in the side areas of your footwell. They are great for storing items you want to be able to get to quickly. Our side boxes are made with a tumblehome slant to the inner plane, which keeps your legs further away from the latches and makes them slightly easier to open. We also make 3 and 4 can size side boxes for larger boats. These often do not have latches or a tumblehome. Please contact us with your dimensions for pricing of custom sized side boxes.

Tumblehome side box baseline pricing:

Boxes 10- 15” wide start at $420. Foam not included.

Personal Boxes

Our personal boxes are designed to be rigged into the deck/side rail of your frame & can be used to extend the flat surface of a cooler or large dry box, creating more sleeping space. Large butterfly latches are on the sides of the box, for easy opening when it’s rigged close to other gear. The handle is on top of the box, so your stuff doesn’t get rearranged when you’re carrying it around camp.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about getting custom made dry boxes for your boat.