Custom Options

  • Rear Footwells, Cargo Area Options.  Choose between a regular full sized rear footwell, a self bailing, partial depth, footwell cargo area, or a large hatch in place of the rear footwell.
  • Hatch Layout.  We can work with you to design the hatch layout to fit your packing needs.  Some might want to offset hatches to fit longer items, and/or no front or rear cross hatches, to make room for bigger side hatches.  Hatches can have shelves and we can even build in a cooler.

Standard Features

  • Bow and Stern Doublers (3/16).  Stronger than just a normal extrusion.
  • Durable Flush Closing Hatches.  Eddyline Dories have hatches you don't have to worry about walking on. The hinges are welded onto the hatch to eliminate a line of screws/rivets on the deck.  Our tray gutter system keeps the hatches back in from the edges of the deck and flush when closed.
  • Flat Middle Deck and Rounded Corners.  We design our decks to be a smoothed over continuous plane for comfort and safety.
  • Inner Hull and Chine Doublers.  Dependent on bulkhead spacing, with vertical ribs where appropriate.
  • Sealed Ribs.  The floor is framed with ribs that don't communicate water from one compartment to another.
  • Multiple Placement Oar Blocks.  For oarlock placement adjustability.
  • Welds Instead of Screws. Where possible we'd prefer to weld on the small details that are often screwed in: hinges, grab line loops, grab bars, rowers well footbar, tie downs for the spare oars, etc.  Our goal is less holes and less potential for leaks.
  • Sides .100 6061, Bottom 6061 .125
  • Appropriately Sized Hatch Openings.  All hatch openings are, at the minimum, the size of a milk crate with a hand on each side, so you could get a milk crate into the hatch.
  • Comfortable Front Footwell.  We've made the standard front footwell more comfortable by rounding everything out and giving the upright part of the bench a pleasant tilt.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about having an aluminum whitewater dory built.  For more pictures of our dories, check out the gallery page and the aluminum whitewater dories page.